• Weber DCOE Throttle Linkage Twin Cable Mangoletsi Flat Fixing With Cables

Mangoletsi Weber DCOE twin cable throttle linkage part number LP4245 designed for single or twin carburettor setups. It is a flat fixing type & ideal if you have lack of height available.  Also included is a spares kit for future use.

For smooth operation and long life, all rotating parts run on five phosphor bronze bushes

  • Left and right hand steel ball joints are fitted with anti-dust seals and are joined by a 8mm hex bar, threaded at either end, with central spanner or finger adjustment
  • Twin return springs securely located in anchor bars with circular grooves enables the spring loop to rotate smoothly as the throttles are opened/closed
  • Cable adjusters located in a rotatable barrel which enables the cables always to follow the direct line of tension, without the chafing to the inner cable that occurs (except when the cable runs around a quadrant) when a lever is operated from a fixed cable adjustor.
  • Cable travel range: minimum 22mm – maximum 48mm
  • Anti-vibration precautions - Nylok nuts and bolts are used on every component that could work loose.  The stud screwed into the casting for the main operating lever is roll pinned.  The bronze bush pressed into the main operating lever is roll pinned to the lever
  • For long life all steel components are plated passivated silver or gold finish and washers, roll pins and split pins are stainless steel.
  • Adjustable pedal stop – protects linkage and carburettors from overloading.

2 off one metre long cables with nylon liners.  The bulkhead fixing is with adjustable heavy duty threaded bar on the outer cable with locknuts. Supplied with tie-wraps to support cables.

Pedal Block 
Easy-fit split pedal block is clamped either side of the pedal shaft with 2 bolts. 

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Weber DCOE Throttle Linkage Twin Cable Mangoletsi Flat Fixing With Cables

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